Purification by Mass Directed Fraction Collection

“The expression gives us a flexible and easy-to-use Mass Spec.  It is an excellent all round instrument that meets our needs perfectly and we get great technical back up and support from Advion.  A proper Mass Spec at a sensible price.”  Peter Ridgway, Director Reach Separations

The expression CMS enables both Mass Directed Fraction Collection and Mass Confirmed, UV directed Fraction Collection. Mass confirmation gives greater confidence in purification eliminating the need for second guessing UV peaks and TLC spots. The expression CMS is compatible with normal phase flash chromatography, prep-LC and SFC. FIA can also be used for fast, simple and selective analysis of Flash and Prep-LC fractions for rapid compound ID.

  • Mass selectivity yields greater confidence in results
  • Integration of Mass Detector into existing Normal Phase Flash, prep-LC and SFC systems
  • Affordable, high performance mass detector for routine analysis

VIDEO: How to Perform Easy & Rapid Compound ID