Conduct intact protein analysis including protein identification and protein characterization faster and more completely with automated chip-based nanoelectrospray.

  • Identification of faint gel spots with high-quality electrospray ionization MS/MS
  • Convert low-abundance MS/MS data into high-quality identifications with infusion for improved signal-to-noise
  • Achieve 75 fmol detection limits of protein loaded on a gel
  • Zero sample-to-sample carryover

“This workflow yielded up to 220% greater peptide coverage compared with gradient HPLC-ESI and provided protein identifications with up to a two-fold higher throughput rate than either HPLC-ESI approach…” P. Wright et al J Am Soc Mass Spectro 2007

“In the automated format of the TriVersa NanoMate, nano-electrospray measurements are robust, user-friendly and easily amenable for different protein samples while using very low amounts of spraying solution.” M. Mann et al Intl J Mass Spec 2007