Top-down proteomics

The best mass accuracy, resolution, and sensitivity from FTMS instruments on projects involving Top-Down Proteomics sequencing using stable, reproducible chip-based nanoelectrospray ionization.

  • Characterize phosphorylation, glycosylation, and other post-translational modification sites
  • Low sample volume (2 -10 microliters) and the ability to return unused samples for maximum flexibility
  • Automated infusion for acquisition of multiple scan MS/MS data

“We are encouraged by the results we have obtained using TriVersa NanoMate and LTQ Orbitrap demonstrating their suitability for top-down proteomics of small proteins. Sub-picomole amounts of intact proteins proved sufficient to obtain high quality MS, MS2 and MS3 spectra, with mass accuracies in the few ppm range.”

Top-down protein sequencing and MS3 on a hybrid linear quadrupole ion trap orbitrap mass spectrometer

B. Macek, L. Waanders, J.V. Olsen, M. Mann Mol.Cell.Prot. 2006; 5: 949-958