High performance compact mass spectrometer

“Our laboratory has recently purchased an Advion expression Compact Mass Spectrometer. Our choice was not only related to the small footprint but also to the versatility of the system. The Advion expression CMS provides the quality of results necessary to improve research outcomes in our hit and lead discovery efforts.”   Tiago Rodrigues – ETH Zürich, Switzerland

The expression CMS provides essential information quickly and improves the chemist’s workflow. Modern organic labs have become automated, yet real-time mass assays remain just out of reach — the expression CMS solves this at an affordable price.

Size and design matter

  • The first mass spec which fits in a fume hood with the sash closed
  • All necessary components are located on the front of the instrument including 8 IO connections, USB port, and computer connector
  • Pump and source exhaust are bi-directional to allow for optimal hood or bench location
  • Solvent-resistant exterior
  • Enclosed and N2-purged source and enclosed electronics for safety

Advion’s unrivalled expertise in mass spectrometry has a mass spec solution just for chemists. Whether you are a biopharmaceutical company, academic teaching/research lab, or any industry requiring routine mass assays, the expression CMS delivers high performance in a compact, easy-to-use package at an affordable price.

VIDEO: How to Perform Easy & Rapid Compound ID

My recent initiative in providing and finding research funding has resulted in the purchase of the first Advion expression compact mass spectrometer to be installed in Australia in our research laboratory. This will improve the quality of the decision making process of my PG students in the research place leading to more efficient research outcomes and provide a mass spectral service to disciplines in our college at RMIT University.” Helmut Hugel – RMIT University, Australia