Compact mass spectrometer for large molecule analysis

The expression family of compact mass spectrometers provide essential information quickly and improves the chemist’s workflow. Modern organic labs have become automated, yet real-time mass assays remain just out of reach — the expression CMS solves this at an affordable price. For chemists requiring a higher mass range, the expression L is the ideal mass detector for large molecule applications with a mass range up to m/z 2,000

Unrivalled flexibility and utility

  • Peptide synthesis, batch and online reaction monitoring
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Natural productsThe first mass spec which fits in a fume hood with the sash closed

Advion’s unrivalled expertise in mass spectrometry provides a mass spec solution just for chemists. Whether you are a biopharmaceutical company, academic teaching/research lab, or any industry requiring routine mass assays, the expression L CMS delivers high performance in a compact, easy-to-use package at an affordable price.