NanoTek Liquid Flow Reactor

The NanoTek Microfluidic Synthesis System is a modular, liquid-flow-based microfluidic chemistry system with the ability to combine both microscale and macroscale process steps. Modular components give the user maximum flexibility for both research and clinical applications.


  • Base module with two compact reagent pumps, control and signal
    processing electronics, and three radiation detectors
  • Pump module for dispensing additional reagents
  • Reactor module enabling multiple reaction steps
  • Four-stage cartridge with plug-in reactors
  • Solvent-tolerant wetted parts
  • High-pressure loop and distribution valve
  • Four user-defined solenoid valves for directing flows
  • Modular components allow multi-step reactions and intermediate plus final product purification
  • Graphical user interface for automatic or manual operation and custom user software development