NanoTek Modules

The NanoTek Chemistry System is designed as modular components to give the user maximum flexibility in research and clinical applications:

Microscale Concentrator and Evaporator Module:

  • Evaporates volumes up to 2 ml
  • Accurately transfers volumes as small as 100 ul
  • Rapidly heats and cools the all-glass chamber
  • Can be used for concentrating, purification, or batch chemical reactions
  • Can also be fitted in the optional self-shield to enable processing of radioisotopes without additional equipment
  • Stands-alone or integrates with any NanoTek Microchemistry System

Auxiliary Pump Module:

  • Can be daisy chained to Base Module
  • 25 ul to 5 ml capacity
  • 5 ul maximum resolution
  • 400 psi maximum pressure
  • Integrated pressure transducer