Mode 2: LC/MS fraction Collection/Infusion

LC/MS Fraction Collection using the TriVersa NanoMate gives researchers the ability to spend more time analyzing complex portions of their samples without having to reinject. LC/MS with simultaneous fraction collection is ideally suited for researchers interested in metabolite identification, biomarker analysis, and protein characterization or any application that requires more time for analysis than what is allowed during conventional liquid chromatography MS analysis.[ Animation: How Simultaneous LC/MS fraction collection works ]

In liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) fraction collection mode, users couple any conventional HPLC system to the TriVersa NanoMate for MS analysis. The effluent is split post column with a portion directed to a conventional LC/MS interface while the remainder of the split effluent is collected at time segments into a multi-well plate. The chromatogram is thereby “cataloged” for future analysis. Following LC/MS, the researcher is able to select fractions of interest for more in-depth analysis via MS/MS.