A Complete Reaction Monitoring Solution: Compact Mass Spectrometry


Fast, easy-to-use, and flexible real-time analysis of compounds is essential at the chemist’s bench. The introduction of compact mass spectrometers (CMSs) for immediate answers has streamlined the workflow in labs across the globe, allowing real-time reaction monitoring. What was once a laborious and time consuming process is now much easier thanks to the introduction of CMS systems. Because they are compact, they can be placed right at the chemist’s bench or fume hood, thus enabling direct access and providing accurate results in as little as 30 seconds. CMS systems also offer the advantage of low cost, and they provide a growing number of sample techniques to suit a wide variety of applications.

For instance, CMS systems offer easy, prep-free sample techniques for solids, liquids, gases, and even air-sensitive compounds. Chemists can quickly and easily adapt their source to suit their samples of interest, switching from electrospray ionization to atmospheric pressure chemical ionization, as well as their techniques based on sample requirements. The CMS offers powerful versatility that has not been found in a mass spec before—all in a compact, benchtop package.