Advion, Inc., with headquarters in Ithaca, NY, designs, develops, and manufactures mass spectrometers, chip-based ion sources, and microfluidic flow chemistry systems and consumables for the life sciences and related industries. We are the growing supplier of choice for our industrial and academic customers who are demanding accurate mass analysis, higher synthetic yields/throughput, and more productive research and scale-up.  Advion is an equal opportunity employer.

Process Engineer

Conduct microchip (ESI CHIP) fabrication; develop/maintain unit processes; photolithography, contact alignment, PVD, CVD, DRIE, and RIE etch, wet etch (including HF) and cleans; develop and evaluate core-processing techniques; maintain, repair and care for nanofabrication process and clean room equipment; provide leadership of less experienced engineering and production personnel; participate in product development projects; participate in product care forums. Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Physics required. Three years Si MEMS fabrication experience (through employment or education), such as: Photolithography, contact alignment, PVD, CVD, DRIE, and RIE etch, wet etch (including HF), and cleans.

Send CV to: Advion, Inc., 10 Brown Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.