Multi-element analysis, fast screening and quantitative results
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Multi-element analysis, fast screening and quantitative results

Experience a wide range of environmental testing solutions with the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), SOLATION® ICP-MS and AVANT (U)HPLC.

From multi-elemental analysis to simple, quick screening methods, Advion Interchim Scientific® provides a range of mass spec solutions for environmental analysis of water, soil, plant material, airborne particles and more.

Product Solutions

ex<u>press<b>ion</u></b><sup>®</sup> CMS
expression® CMS

The expression® CMS offers fast, direct screening and environmental analysis. The system can even be used in a field setting outside the lab for immediate, on-site answers. The compact size and ease of use make it the perfect environmental testing companion.

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AVANT<sup>®</sup> (U)HPLC

Use standalone or couple to the expression® CMS or SOLATION® ICP-MS, the high performance, AVANT LC systems provide greater analysis power, including separation of contaminants and toxins.

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SOLATION<sup>®</sup> ICP-MS

The SOLATION® ICP-MS offers simple high performance multi-element analysis and is the most versatile and powerful detection method for trace elemental analysis in water, soil and plant material. The SOLATION® ICP-MS offers low detection limits, easy elemental quantitation with high throughput analysis.

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Plate Express<sup>®</sup>
Plate Express®

Plate Express automated TLC plate reader offers push-button analysis of TLC plates. Separate a variety of environmental compounds and skip the sample preparation with this easy-to-use sample solution.

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The ASAP® probe makes environmental screening simple and easy. Simply dip the probe into a liquid or swipe across a solid and insert it into the expression® CMS for fast, prep-free analysis.

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Touch Express<sup>™</sup>
Touch Express

Touch Express, an open port sampling interface (OPSI), offers one-touch analysis in <30 seconds and easy sampling for environmental matrices including both solid and liquid samples, as well as direct surface analysis.

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