expression CMS: Compact. Fast. Easy. & Affordable

expression CMS: Compact. Fast. Easy. & Affordable

With over 20 years of mass spectrometry and chemistry expertise, Advion has produced a family of compact mass spectrometers designed for the chemist. The affordability, small size and ease of use make them ideal for use directly at the chemist’s bench, giving immediate answers and informed decisions instead of waiting.

The Advion expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) is a fast and easy analytical tool for the organic chemist. Ideal for fast reaction monitoring, the expression CMS features a single quadrupole that can adapt to multiple ionization sources in seconds, including both ESI and APCI. The mass spectrometer works in a variety of applications, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biomedical, peptides and proteins, drug discovery and more.

Learn more about the different sample techniques available with the expression CMS, including fast assay methods for liquids, solids, gases, and even air-sensitive compounds.

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