Touch Express

Open port sampling interface (OPSI)
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Open port sampling interface (OPSI)

Touch Express<sup>™</sup>

The Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI), is designed for simple sampling of solids, liquids and sample preparation tips and fibers. The novel ambient sampling technique was developed by Gary Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz, of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Direct analysis of solids, liquids, surfaces, and fibers

Paired with the electrospray ion source of the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), the product incorporates a low volume, open port of continuously swept solvent, flowing directly into the electrospray ion source of the mass spectrometer.

Any soluble sample touching the port is analyzed by the CMS in mere seconds. The OPSI source is a unique, prep-free sample technique that offers:


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