Fast QA/QC analysis of tablets, liquids, powders and more
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Fast QA/QC analysis of tablets, liquids, powders and more

Advion Interchim Scientific®‘s wide range of mass spectrometry solutions provides essential pharmaceutical data quickly and easily. Utilize Advion Interchim Scientific®‘s mass spec solutions for efficient, cost-effective QA/QC for instant results.

Advion Interchim Scientific® offers a full range of pharmaceutical solutions with innovative sample techniques. From one-touch sampling for liquids, solids and tablets to an automated nanoelectrospray ionization source, those working in pharma and drug development will find the Advion Interchim Scientific® product lineup fast and efficient. Products include:

  • The expression® CMS, a compact mass spectrometer with innovative sample techniques for fast pharmaceutical screening.
  • The SOLATION® ICP-MS offers heavy metal testing, including arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead for tablets and capsules
  • The TriVersa NanoMate® LESA® nanoelectrospray ionization technology for direct surface analysis.

Product Solutions

ex<u>press<b>ion</u></b><sup>®</sup> CMS
expression® CMS

With the expression® CMS, users can take advantage of fast screening techniques that require no sample preparation. Switch between the industry’s widest range of sample techniques to optimize results based on your analyte of interest.

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AVANT<sup>®</sup> (U)HPLC

Couple the expression® CMS or SOLATION® ICP-MS to Advion’s high performance, AVANT liquid chromatography system for even greater analysis power, including the power of separation.

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SOLATION<sup>®</sup> ICP-MS

The SOLATION® ICP-MS is the ideal performance system for the determination of elemental impurities in pharmaceutical drug products. Tablets, capsules, powders, oils, liquids and more can be tested quickly and easily with the power of the SOLATION® ICP-MS.

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TriVersa NanoMate<sup>®</sup>
TriVersa NanoMate®

The TriVersa NanoMate® LESA® is the latest in chip-based electrospray ionization technology from Advion, combining the benefits of LC, mass spectrometry, chip-based infusion, fraction collection, and direct surface analysis into one integrated ion source platform.

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Touch Express<sup>™</sup>
Touch Express

The Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI) allows for for direct analysis of tablets and capsules. Simply touch the sample to the port for analysis in seconds.

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The ASAP® liquids and solids probe offers a one-touch, solvent-free APCI technique for fast prep-free sample analysis with results in seconds for simple pharmaceutical screening for tablets, liquids and solids.

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