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Integrated solutions for food authenticity, characterization and safety
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Integrated solutions for food authenticity, characterization and safety

Advion Interchim Scientific® provides integrated laboratory solutions for comprehensive food and ingredient testing with the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), AVANT (U)HPLC, and SOLATION® ICP-MS.

Analytical instrumentation for characterization, screening and purity determination. Measurement and quantitation of pesticides, toxic metals, and other contaminants.

Product Solutions

ex<u>press<b>ion</u></b><sup>®</sup> CMS
expression® CMS

The expression® CMS offers analysts the ability to quickly screen for adulterants and toxins with minimal sample preparation. From raw materials to finished products, the system provides quick and easy QA and QC.

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AVANT<sup>®</sup> (U)HPLC

The AVANT (U)HPLC system is a customizable solution for food and beverage analysis. When coupled with the expression® CMS, the LC/CMS solution offers detection limits at low ppb, ideal for the analysis of everything from raw materials to finished goods.

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SOLATION<sup>®</sup> ICP-MS

The SOLATION® ICP-MS provides fast and reliable multi-element analysis for safety and nutrition in plant material and foodstuffs, including screening and speciation analysis of raw ingredients, final products, and beverages.

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The ASAP® liquids and solids probe offers a one-touch, solvent-free APCI technique for fast prep-free sample analysis with results in seconds for purity and authenticity testing.

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Touch Express<sup>™</sup>
Touch Express

Direct liquid and solid sampling is easy with the Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI). Perform direct surface analysis by simply touching a sample to the port, or use a pipette tip for liquid analysis for raw ingredients, and finished products.

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The volatile APCI source (VAPCI) offers easy headspace analysis, ideal for detection of VOCs that can validate authenticity or recognize spoilage, bacteria and other contamination in raw ingredients and finished products.

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