Ultra performance flash purification
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Ultra performance flash purification


Routine Flash purifications or more complex separations? The puriFlash® range of chromatography systems has been designed to always be a synonym for success, regardless of difficulty. The versatility of the puriFlash® makes it suitable for use in lab-scale purification to large-scale production.

All systems come with:

  • >95% recovery, increasing your yield for multistep synthesis
  • HPLC pump technology – accurately pump 1%, no need to premix your mobile phase to achieve shallow gradients
  • True Quaternary Gradient – puriFlash® is the only flash purification instrument that allows you to mix 4 channels at the same time
  • UV/Visible Detection – Monitor and trigger four different wavelengths and scan the entire range, see peaks you normally would not see
  • Intuitive Intersoft X and “Genius” AI software method solutions from your cell phone
  • Through pump injection, enabling large scale injections without the need for an extra loading pump and automating multi-injection purifications

puriFlash® XS 520Plus

The universal flash system

Designed for routine research-scale purification making it ideal for the organic chemist.

  • True Quaternary Gradient allows you to simultaneously mix up to 4 channels with 1% accuracy
  • A dedicated 5th line for IPA allows you to easily switch between normal- and reverse-phase in <1 minute
  • Built-in needle-wash prevents carryover
  • Higher pressure rating allows for smaller particle size for better resolution and purity
  • 20 bar and 300ml/min

puriFlash® 5.015XL and 535-XL

Process – Kilo-Lab

For your scale-up and process needs.

  • Columns up to 3 kg flash and 20 cm ID column
  • Flow rates up to 825 ml/min
  • Through pump injection to automate loading larger volumes, without purchasing a separate loading pump
  • Sample queue allows for continuous runs

puriFlash® 5.250

Preparative HPLC

For routine research-scale and final product purification

  • >95% recovery
  • Two independent column stands, lets you have one for flash and one for a prep HPLC column
  • Easy switch between acidic and basic columns by selecting a method
  • Easy walk-up prep HPLC system with the simplicity of a flash system


The Widest Range of Consumables

Best-in-class cartridges

Advion Interchim Scientific offers the widest range of columns for any of your purification needs.

  • Over 30 different bonded phases for any application
  • 15 µm flash columns for prep-HPLC-like separation
  • High Capacity columns let you load more on a smaller column
  • Plunger-free dry loading cartridges give you the flexibility to load the amount you need

Use our column selection wizard to select the right column for your lab or contact us for the complete purification guide.

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