Mass-Directed Purification
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Mass-Directed Purification


Mass spectrometry allows simultaneous purification and compound characterization with mass-directed fraction collection

The puriFlash®-CMS offers the benefits of compact mass spectrometry (CMS) for in-line, mass-directed fraction collection, providing users a more sensitive and accurate measure of fractions in real-time and a reliable detection method even when the analyte lacks a chromophore.

The technology unambiguously identifies residual starting materials, desired product ions, side reactants and impurities by their molecular weight even in the presence of co-eluting compounds and solvent peaks. Offering both APCI or ESI ionization with positive and negative polarity, the addition of a mass spectrometer should be something every chemist should consider for the ultimate purification solution.

Mass directed fraction collection greatly speeds up the chemist’s workflow with confidence in the content and purity of the collected fractions by eliminating off-line TLCs, workup, and core lab LC/MS assays.

  • Unique MS-interface design with a dynamic split and dilution valve for high flow rates and all column sizes without generating backpressure
  • Integrated post-split dilution to adjust the concentrations used in the MS source (no concentration limit – no signal saturation)
  • Normal & Reverse Phase
  • Normalized Scale signals MS, UV, ELSD (6 acquisition signals)


puriFlash® MS
for small molecule, synthetic organic chemists. Upgraded specs for pos/neg switching, faster scanning,
and higher flow rate
puriFlash® MS-HMW
for large molecules – peptide synthesis, polymer chemistry
and natural products
Sources: APCI – (ESI option)  APCI or ESI
Patented API: orthogonal ion sampling from heated capillary –
allows for small single turbo pump.
Positive/Negative Ionization  Simultaneous Analysis Simultaneous Analysis
Flow rate range ESI 10 µL/min – 1 mL/min 10 µL/min – 1 mL/min
Flow rate range APCI 10 µL/min – 2 mL/min 10 µL/min – 2 mL/min
mass range (m/z) 10 to 1200 10 to 2000
Scan rate (m/z-units per second) 10000 10000
Resolution (m/z-units FWHM) 0.5 – 0.7 0.5 – 0.7
Sensitivity (SIM – S/N de 10 pg Reserpine, FIA 5 µl injection to 100 µl/min) 100:1 100:1
Accuracy (m/z) 0.1 0.1
Stability (m/z-units per 24 hour period:
18 – 24 °C)
0.1 0.1

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