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Intuitive and user-friendly interface solutions for mass spec analysis

We’ve just released…Version 5.1 of Mass Express & Data Express, featuring new Quant Express and Peak Express™ software technology.


The CheMS user interface simplifies the mass spectrometry experience and makes it more accessible in chemistry and biochemistry laboratories.  The user interface allows users to quickly select the workflow and type of compound they wish to analyze in just a few clicks of the mouse and the software automatically optimizes the ion source and data acquisition parameters to ensure they get the data they need for decision-making. This allows the chemist to obtain optimal data without needing to be an expert in mass spectrometry.

Mass Express

Mass Express, the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) software, was developed to provide chemists with answers in the fewest steps and shortest period of time possible in an easy-to-use interface. Whether your application is FIA/CMS, Flash/CMS, LC/CMS or flow reaction monitoring, the Mass Express data acquisition and workflow solutions are simple, inviting and efficient.

  • Simple software controlled from laptop
  • Contact closure or batch capability
  • 4 analogue outputs for fraction collection of 4 analytes

Peak Express™

Peak Express, the latest addition to Advion’s Mass Express software, offers a new type of mass spectrum: the Delta Spectrum (ΔS). The patented ΔS is able to look beyond chemical noise and automatically detect even the smallest peaks without knowing the m/z. With Peak Express, you can easily find adducts, dimers, fragments, side-reactions and other unexpected compounds at the click of a button, in real-time or with post-processing. The software highlights minor components in complex mixtures and dirty matrices, and can give you the ability to control mass-directed purification without providing the compound mass. Finally, users can easily acquire XIC-quality data while scanning the entire mass range, allowing Peak Express to tell you the m/z.

Quant Express

Quant Express, an addition to Advion Interchim Scientific®’s user-friendly Mass Express 4.1 software suite, is a full feature quantitation application for LC/MS data. The quantitation method can be configured in Mass Express before the analysis or in Quant Express post-analysis and it supports calibration curves, internal standards, QCs and unknowns using SIM or scan mode data. An enhanced peak detection algorithm ensures the highest accuracy and ease of use.

Data Express

Data Express is the data processing software program which accomplishes the perfect balance: easily analyze and display results, or use a wealth of software resources to mine the data for accurate decision-making, archiving or exporting.

Far beyond lazy UV peaks with features due to unknown causes, Data Express delivers the exact information required to monitor reactions, confirm fractions of interest, speed workflow, and move on to the next research interest. Data Express exports net.cdf and .csv files for complete analytical consideration.

LC Integration

Advion Interchim Scientific® now offers a streamlined (U)HPLC package for the seamless integration with the expression® CMS.

For other solutions, integration with over 250 LC systems is accomplished with Clarity from DataApex, allowing chemists maximum flexibility and adaptability within their lab.  Features of the Clarity software include complete instrument control, data acquisition and processing, a full quantitation package, CFR21 part 11 compliance, and MS libraries.

Additionally, Mass Express offers direct integration with Agilent Technologies’ liquid chromatography systems. Using Agilent’s Instrument Control Framework (ICF), the user interface is identical to the Mass Hunter experience.

TAMI Molecular Identification Software

Turn your expression® CMS into a high resolution, exact mass instrument in its ability to provide elemental formula. TAMI uses accurate centroiding and mass correction algorithms to provide a more accurate mass assignment. In combination with isotope abundance analysis and careful consideration of chemical valence rules this provision of elemental formulae with a high level of confidence.

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