Product Note

Peak Express: Software for the Synthetic Organic Chemist

Peak Express<sup>™</sup>: Software for the Synthetic Organic Chemist

Introducing a new type of mass spectrum, available exclusively in the Advion Peak Express software suite: the Delta Spectrum (ΔS). The ΔS is available with the expression® compact mass spectrometer (CMS) to look beyond chemical noise and automatically detect even the smallest peaks without knowing the m/z in advance.

With the Peak Express™ software featuring ΔS, you can:

  • Obtain clear detection of peaks without knowing their mass
  • Find adducts, dimers, fragments, side-reactions and other unexpected compounds at the click of a button, in real-time or with post-processing
  • Highlight minor components in complex mixtures and dirty matrices
  • Control mass-directed purification without providing the compound mass
  • Acquire XIC-quality data while scanning the entire mass range, allowing Peak Express to tell you the m/z