21st European Symposium on Organic Chemistry (ESOC 2019)

Dedicated to Science, Dedicated to You

The 21st edition of this prestigious conference aims to bring together scientists from Europe and other parts of the world to share their interests in the field of Organic Chemistry at large. Since its first edition in 1979, the biannual ESOC conference has developed into the flagship event for the Organic Chemistry community in Europe and beyond. The art of Organic Synthesis lies at the heart of this conference, and its impact on the life sciences and the material sciences will also be prominently featured. Thematically, ESOC 2019 will highlight modern trends in Total Synthesis and Methodology, Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Materials, Physical and Computational Organic Chemistry. The conference is ideally suited for organic chemists from both academia and industry. In particular, PhD students, postdocs and young researchers will have plenty of opportunity for exchange and discussion.