Advion Adds Moxifloxacin to its Validated LC/MS/MS Methods Offering

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June 19, 2007– Regulatory agencies have recommended moxifloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic associated with QT prolongation, as a positive control to detect small increases in QT interval measurements. As such, Advion has recently added moxifloxacin to its list of validated non-proprietary methods for use by new and existing clients. Advion has applied this stable-labeled internal standard method in human plasma to support the study of QT prolongation of a placebo versus moxifloxacin and interference studies. Commonly used in drug-drug interaction and interference studies this recently added method is a valuable service to support anti-infective drug development efforts. It was a natural addition to Advion’s extensive non-proprietary method offering.

A full list of Advion’s validated non-proprietery methods to support drug-drug interactions or comparison studies is available on its website.