Advion BioServices Expands LC/MS Biomarker Group, Enables Customers to Streamline Drug Discovery and Development Costs

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September 9, 2009 – Ithaca , NY – Advion BioServices, Inc., a leading contract research organization serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners worldwide, today announced the expansion of its existing LC/MS Biomarker Services Group. The expansion comes in response to increased interest from leading pharmaceutical companies in the use of biomarkers as cost-effective indicators of pharmacological response to drugs. The company will assign an increased commitment of staffing, Thermo Scientific and Applied Biosystems mass spectrometers, liquid chromatography and automated liquid handling systems to this service.

At the forefront of the contract research industry, Advion originally launched its LC/MS Biomarker Services Group in 2008 to complement its ligand-binding services. Since then, the group has developed and delivered to its clients unique, fit-for-purpose assays for peptide, amino acid, lipid, neurotransmitter, and nucleotide biomarkers. These methods, from exploratory to definitive quantitation assays, are customized to client requirements and have proven a popular approach for supporting a wide range of biomarker programs.

“Expansion of our LC/MS Biomarker Services Group reflects an increasing demand for biomarker methods as companion assays to other bioanalytical approaches needed for the development of new drugs,” says Dr. Stephen Lowes , Advion BioServices’ Senior Vice President, Science. “The FDA has acknowledged that biomarkers can help pharmaceutical companies streamline expensive, later-phase clinical trials by using fewer subjects or patients. Our extensive experience with mass spectrometry, immunoassays, and sample management means that we can meet the need for rapid biomarker assay development, validation, and sample analysis. The customer demand for LC/MS biomarker assays has made this an exciting time for the company.”

Under the direction of Dr. Lowes, the group is led by Dr. Gary Schultz , Senior Director, Biomarkers, who has played a key role at Advion in developing innovative tools and methods for biomarker analysis including the ESI Chip® , TriVersa NanoMate® , and RePlay® proteomics system.

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Advion is a scientific leader in bioanalytical and immunoassay services. Advion offers a range of GLP-compliant and discovery support services including bioanalytical LC/MS/MS, LC/MS biomarker analysis, immunoassay, dose formulation analysis, P450 inhibition study support, sample management, and sample storage. The company is the laboratory of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in pursuit of scientific excellence.

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