Advion BioServices First to Offer SISCAPA Assay Services for Biomarker Assays

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ITHACA, NY – July 27, 2011 – Advion BioServices, a subsidiary of Advion BioSciences, Inc. and a leading bioanalytical contract research organization, will immediately begin offering its clients SISCAPA® LC/MS Biomarker assay services. This is made possible by a license and collaboration agreement Advion BioServices has executed with SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc. of Rockville, MD.

Biomarker and in-turn, biotherapeutic analysis is a growing focus area in companion diagnostics, clinical patient profiling and drug development for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

“Advion is a leader in bioanalytical services, and strives to offer cutting edge technology and the greatest value and resources to our clients,” comments Tom Kurz, Advion BioServices’ President. He continues, “By partnering with SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc., we are able to leverage our expertise in protein and peptide analysis by mass spectrometry and open new areas of testing for our clients.”

Advion has a strong reputation in the industry for providing a large suite of critical bioanalytical services based on a philosophy of scientific excellence in an environment of strict regulatory compliance. The SISCAPA assays are mass spectrometry-based, and will be conducted in Advion’s LC/MS laboratory, based in Ithaca, NY.

“We are very pleased that Advion BioServices has become the first CRO able to offer commercial SISCAPA assay services”, said Leigh Anderson, CEO of SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc. “Advion is a recognized leader in mass spectrometric assays for peptides and proteins, and this capability provides a smooth path for implementation of novel biomarker assays in regulated pharmaceutical studies.”

About Advion BioServices, Inc.
Advion is a scientific leader in bioanalytical LC/MS services, in vitro assays, and immunoassay services. Advion offers a range of GLP-compliant and discovery bioanalytical services including LC/MS/MS for the determination of small molecule drugs, macromolecule therapies and biomarkers, immunoassay services, ADME screening, cytochrome P450 inhibition and induction study support, metabolism profiling, metabolite identification, sample management, and sample storage. The company is the laboratory of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in pursuit of scientific excellence.

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About SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc.
SISCAPA Assay Technologies is focused on creating SISCAPA® assays for a growing menu of high-value protein biomarkers, with the long-term goal of enabling sensitive and precise measurement of every human protein in clinical and other samples. Additional information about SISCAPA affinity-MS technology, available reagents, and licensing opportunities is available at