Advion BioServices Opens Midwest Drug Discovery and Metabolism Center of Excellence

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INDIANAPOLIS and ITHACA, NY – May 23, 2011 – Advion BioServices, a subsidiary of Advion BioSciences, Inc. and a leading bioanalytical contract research organization, today announced the opening of its new 22,000 square-foot Drug Discovery and Metabolism bioanalytical laboratory. This expansion was previously announced in March 2011, in response to high demand for Metabolism, ADME screening and other early-stage bioanalytical services, as well as build upon a long-standing local partnership in the Indianapolis area.

At the new Indianapolis facility, Advion will focus on the earlier stage, drug discovery and metabolism bioanalytical services which evaluate how a potential new medicine is absorbed and metabolized in experimental models. Many of these services are data generation activities required for the preparation of a molecule’s entry into clinical testing.

Market demand for all drug discovery, metabolism and development services is high as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are under pressure to increase their flexibility and move to a hybrid outsourced research model. As an established bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO), Advion made a strategic decision to complement its core business offering with services needed earlier in the drug development process. Barriers to entry into the drug discovery and metabolism services market are high with significant financial investments, the necessity for specific laboratory and testing equipment, and most importantly, skilled professionals. The opportunity to expand into Indianapolis provided access to a talent pool of experienced scientists aligned perfectly with Advion’s objectives.

“For our existing clients, the additional services offer a broader and more comprehensive approach to utilize early-access scientific knowledge and transfer this to later stage analysis,” comments David B. Patteson, Advion’s President and CEO. He continues, “This should allow us to offer what the clients want, when they need it, while ensuring the scientific integrity and quality are maintained at Advion’s high standards.”

Advion has a strong reputation in the industry for providing bioanalytical services based on a philosophy of scientific excellence. The new laboratory in Indianapolis follows this philosophy. Meeting the timeline for construction and transition, the established workflows from Advion’s headquarters in Ithaca, NY as well as from its client-partner, have allowed the new facility to achieve best practices.

Advion’s expansion into Indianapolis was made possible in part by assistance provided through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). IEDC offers a centralized resource for organizations looking to establish a presence in Indiana. Support from IEDC has streamlined many of the processes for Advion in establishing this new Indianapolis facility. Additional assistance was provided by BioCrossroads, Indiana’s initiative for investment, development and advancement of the state’s signature life sciences strengths.

Staffed with nearly 50 employees, the new Drug Discovery and Metabolism Center of Excellence is located in the Purdue Research Park of Indianapolis’ technology center at the Ameriplex Business Park near the Indianapolis International Airport. A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for late June.

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Advion is a scientific leader in bioanalytical LC/MS services, in vitro assays, and immunoassay services. Advion offers a range of GLP-compliant and discovery bioanalytical services including LC/MS/MS for the determination of small molecule drugs, macromolecule therapies, and biomarkers, immunoassay services, ADME screening, cytochrome P450 inhibition and induction study support, metabolism profiling, metabolite identification, sample management, and sample storage. The company is the laboratory of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in pursuit of scientific excellence.
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