Advion BioSystems to Exhibit expression Compact Mass Spectrometer at ACS Fall 2011

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August 29, 2011 – Denver, CO – Advion BioSystems, a leading life sciences Systems and Consumables developer, and one of North America’s largest LC‐MS bioanalytical CROs, will
introduce a Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) that is approximately half the size, and half the price, of existing single quadrupole mass spectrometers on the market. The CMS launch will take place at the ACS 2011 Fall meeting in Denver, CO August 29 – 31, 2011.

The expression CMS was developed with synthetic organic and process development chemists in mind. The expression CMS allows them to identify and to monitor compounds as they are created in, or next to, the reactor. Traditionally, these chemists would initiate a multi‐hour reaction and periodically withdraw samples for analysis in an open access mass spectrometry lab. Answers could take hours, eliminating the usefulness of the information. Available systems were too complex, costly and large to be used in a hood, or on the bench, next to the reaction. The expression CMS is fast and easy to use with an intuitive software package which can be run on a tablet. The instrument was designed with a small footprint (< 11 inches wide) that will fit within a fumehood, or next to an existing bench instrumentation stack, thereby conserving valuable laboratory space.

“This group of chemists has been largely underserved and Advion has a wealth of experience in mass spectrometry applications as well as medicinal chemistry,”says Simon Prosser, Senior Marketing Director for the expression CMS. “Current single quadrupole mass spectrometers have significantly more analytical power than required by our target customers, and they are paying for functionality they do not need. We have created a product with excellent performance, a smaller package, an attractive price, and we are putting the power of mass spectrometry where they need it – in their lab.”

With a price tag under US $50K, the expression CMS falls within the discretionary budget of most academic institutes and industrial departments.

The ACS Fall 2011 display is a launch to introduce the concept of the expression CMS to a key audience, and to receive final input from the market prior to official commercial release and shipment in spring 2012.

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Advion is a proven leader in flow chemistry systems and microfluidic products which improve the performance of mass spectrometers in demanding applications. The company creates unique micro and nanotechnologies which deliver speed, ease‐of‐use, exceptional data quality and affordability. More about the company can be found at or by visiting booth #836 in the Colorado Convention Center.

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