Advion Expands Statin-Class Non-Proprietary LC/MS/MS Method Offering

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June 19, 2007– The statin class of drugs has been developed to lower cholesterol in people with risk of cardiovascular disease. Statins inhibit the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase which stimulates the LDL receptors thereby decreasing blood cholesterol levels. Advion recognizes the importance of validated LC/MS statin methods to the pharmaceutical industry in the development of cardiovascular drugs. While statins are well studied and understood, ongoing comparison studies and drug-drug research is needed on new chemical entities that are complimentary.

Advion’s offering of statin non-proprietary methods are all validated in human plasma with stable-label internal standards and include:

Atorvastatin, o-hydroxyatorvastatin, p-hydroxyatorvastatin
Fenofibric acid
Lovastatin, lovastatin acid
Simvastatin, simvastatin acid

A full list of Advion’s validated non-proprietery methods to support drug-drug interactions or comparison studies is available on its website.