Advion Launches Superior Reaction Monitoring Technique for the Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) Product Line

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August 6, 2014 – Ithaca, NY – Advion, Inc., a leading systems and consumables developer for the life sciences industry, announces the release of a Direct Analysis Probe for its line of expression compact mass spectrometers (CMS). With hundreds of CMS systems utilized in chemistry laboratories around the world, this latest development creates yet another important tool for chemists who need fast, simple, reliable sample analysis of liquids and solids such as reaction mixtures, food samples, natural products and tablets without the need for sample preparation.

Chemists’ assays are often driven by their need to understand reaction kinetics and composition, to decide when to quench reactions, and verify iterative and final purification fractions. Recognizing the unrivaled flexibility of the Advion CMS as a detector across many workflows, the Direct Analysis Probe delivers essential mass spectral information of compounds in less than one minute.

The new Direct Analysis Probe sample introduction, otherwise known as ASAP® (Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe), uses a standard glass melting point capillary which is introduced into CMS system.  Chemists dip the closed end of the capillary into the sample of interest (even complex reaction mixtures) or scrape the surface of a solid, and then place the capillary into the CMS for analysis. Involatile contaminants remain on the glass capillary, while compounds of interest are identified by the CMS.

“The holy grail of mass spectrometry is direct mass spectrometric analysis without sample preparation and the Direct Analysis Probe enables this,” comments David B. Patteson, Chief Executive Officer and President. “Customer sites already using the Direct Analysis Probe with the CMS rave about the simplicity and productivity gains and are surprised at the affordability of the system.”

The Direct Analysis Probe sample introduction system on the Advion CMS will be displayed at booth #1007 during next week’s ACS National Fall Meeting 2014 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco from August 10 – 12. In addition, data obtained using the new ion source will be presented during an exhibitor workshop on Monday, August 11th at 9:30 AM in Moscone room 206. All ACS attendees and locals are welcome to attend.