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April 10, 2007 — Advion BioSystems, Inc. and NanoTek, LLC announced today Advion has been appointed the distributor and support partner for NanoTek’s MinuteMan nano-scale, micro-fluidic chemistry systems. The MinuteMan represents a breakthrough approach in synthetic organic synthesis with built-in purification for discovery and batch production of biomarkers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET), pharmaceutical lead generation and bioanalytical radio labeled isotope standard synthesis. The terms of the agreement enable Advion and NanoTek to partner on a global basis and allow NanoTek to rapidly advance its product development launch plans.

According to Joe Matteo, CEO of NanoTek, “This partnership complements our skills and resources in radiochemistry and PET with Advion’s skills and resources in analytical techniques and microfabrication. The MinuteMan product has demonstrated drug synthesis performance 30 to 100 times faster than conventional technology and we will leverage the Advion sales and service network to rapidly expand our market base and product offering. Beyond the business synergies, it has been a pleasure to work with the Advion team and I expect this relationship to be a great success.”

David Patteson, CEO of Advion BioSciences, Inc. added, “We are very excited about this partnership. Advion has a rapidly growing global organization, we call on the same customer base as NanoTek, are leaders in the nano-chemistry segment with our existing product lines, and the possibility exists to integrate the product lines. The PET market is in a rapid growth phase and NanoTek has a unique solution approach. There is also substantial movement underway within clinical research institutions and pharma accounts to accelerate drug compound development using micro-fluidic solutions and PET. NanoTek gives us a substantial boost in our approach to these markets with a robust product line and an aggressive product development team who listens to, and co-develops products with customers. The combination of our Systems and bioanalytical Services business gives us an uncommon view and access into the pre-clinical/clinical PET and pharmaceutical markets as well as bioanalytical synthesis needs.

About Advion
Founded in 1993, Advion BioSciences, Inc. are pioneers in bioanalytical services and innovators of products for the life science industry. More information about the company can be found on its website

About NanoTek, LLC
NanoTek is an advanced microfluidics technology company engaged in the development and production of microfluidic chemistry systems for the rapid production of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) labeled biomarkers. Our instruments provide critical tools to fuel growth in the number and diversity of imaging molecules available for PET imaging applications and pharmaceutical research. Visit us on the web at

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