Advion Wins 2018 Innovation Award from The Analytical Scientist for the Touch Express™ Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI)

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ITHACA, N.Y., December 18, 2018 — Advion, Inc., announces the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI)was selected as a top-five recipient of The Analytical Scientist 2018 Innovation Awards. The award showcases cutting-edge technology, instrumentation and software making an impact in the analytical science community. The OPSI is a one-touch sampling technique for solids, liquids, sample preparation tips and fibers that provides mass analysis in seconds, with no preparation or chromatography required.

The awards, touted by The Analytical Scientist as “Strokes of Genius,” highlight the OPSI’s unique, prep-free technique that can be used on a wide diversity of samples and applications, including:

  • Compound identification and impurity detection from almost any liquid or surface
  • Easy screening applications for drug research, food safety, environmental, and forensics
  • Large molecule applications, including proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and polymers

“Our Advion team is honored that The Analytical Scientist recognized Touch Express OPSI for its rapid screening capabilities and immediate results,” said David Patteson, Advion’s CEO. “This simple, robust, highly sensitive technique, paired with our expression CMS, is truly an innovative solution for labs requiring fast answers in a small-footprint, easy to use system.”

The novel ambient sampling technique was invented by Gary Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz of Oak Ridge National Laboratory[1]. Paired with the electrospray ion source of the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer, the product incorporates a µL volume, continually flowing, open port of solvent that is connected directly to the mass spectrometer.  Any soluble sample touching the port is analyzed by the mass spectrometer in seconds.

To review the full details of the 2018 Innovations Awards, visit The Analytical Scientist online at

[1]An open port sampling interface for liquid introduction atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry. Gary J. Van Berkel and Vilmos Kertesz, Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 2015, 29, 1749–1756

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