AI robot mixes chemicals to discover reactions – publication and video

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Publication Alert: Controlling an organic synthesis robot with machine learning to search for new reactivity
Jarosław M. Granda, Liva Donina, Vincenza Dragone, De-Liang Long, and Leroy Cronin / Nature, Published online 2018 Jul 18

Using the Advion expression Compact Mass Spectrometer and developments in robotics and AI, learn how chemical reactions can be performed faster than they can be performed manually. Not only is speed a benefit, the development also can predict the reactivity of possible reagent combinations after conducting only a small number of experiments.

Video Alert: Not only was this development published in Nature, but a video featuring the system at work is also available:

Reporter Adam Levy talks to chemist Lee Cronin about his team’s search1 for new chemical reactions.

“It’s very difficult when you ask a chemist in the lab to go discover something. It’s a bit like asking someone to go in a boat now and find a new continent,” Cronin said.