ASMS 2017 Advion Highlights

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ASMS 2017 brought nearly 7,000 attendees under one roof, ready to learn the newest products and latest applications in the world of mass spec. The Advion CMS and TriVersa NanoMate were both a topic for discussion, featured during Advion poster sessions, and also included in posters from customers who have found the instruments an essential part of their mass spec workflow.

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The TriVersa NanoMate was featured in the following posters and presentations:

POSTER: Histology Directed Liquid Surface Extractions Coupled Directly to Liquid Chromatography for Improving Identification Strategies in Advanced IMS Applications – Vanderbilt University

POSTER: Lipid parameters associated with obesity identified using a high-throughput Shotgun Lipidomics technology – Thermo Fisher Scientific and Lipotype

POSTER: Native LESA mass spectrometry: Direct analysis of proteins and their complexes – University of Birmingham, University of Oxford


POSTER: A Rapid Mixing Device to Detect Early Intermediates in Hepatitis B Virus Assembly by Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry – Indiana University

POSTER: Isomeric Complexity of Glycosylation in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Cell Lines Revealedby Detailed Analysis with Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry – Glycan Connections, LLC / University of New Hampshire, Durham

POSTER: Simultaneous Label-free Quantitation of Proteoforms, Proteoform Ratios, and Total Protein up to 80kDa Split across Physiochemical Multidimensional Space – Southwestern Medical Center / University of Texas at Dallas

PRESENTATION: Implementation of a spatial metabolomics approach for exploring interactions within a tripartite plantfungus-cyanobacterium system – EMSL

PRESENTATION: Liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry for protein analysis directly from clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa – University of Birmingham / National Physical Laboratory, Teddington

The expression CMS was featured in the following Advion posters:

POSTER: Delta Ion Current (IC)- A novel approach to plottotal ion currents enhancing the signal from newly detected ions – Authors: Lawrence Klecha, Daniel Mikel, Advion Inc.

POSTER: Identification of an unknown biocide by volatile atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (vAPCI) and compact mass spectrometry (CMS) – Authors: Daniel Eikel, Simon J. Prosser, Advion Inc.

POSTER: Compact mass spectrometer (CMS) analysis of uniformly 13C-labeled amino acids to identify authentic therapeutic drugs and protect against counterfeits – Authors: Daniel Mikel, Simon J Prosser, Advion, Inc. / Chris Beecher,  IROA Technologies