Clopidogrel: Validated LC/MS Non-Proprietary Bioanalytical Method Available for Cardiovascular Comparative and Drug-Drug Interaction Studies from Advion BioServices

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ITHACA, NY – October 20, 2010 — Advion BioServices announces the addition of clopidogrel, plus its active metabolite and its inactive carboxylic acid metabolite, to its list of validated LC/MS methods. The addition was made this month due to market demand for this bioanalytical method which few CROs offer. Clopidogrel, commonly known as Plavix, is used to prevent blood clots that can lead to heart attacks and strokes. According to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease is the number one killer of men and women worldwide, and the primary form of treatment is a prescribed oral medicine such as clopidogrel. When a drug is commonly prescribed and often co-administered, it is important for pharmaceutical companies and doctors to understand how the drugs will interact with other classes of drugs by conducting crossover comparison studies. This is especially important for drugs such as clopidogrel, where the active form of the drug is generated by cytochrome P450-mediated biotransformation. Advion is one of a few contract research organizations in the world offering bioanalytical assays specific for clopidogrel to support these studies.

A full list of Advion’s validated LC/MS and immunoassay methods to support drug-drug interactions or comparative studies is available on its website.

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