Direct Sample Analysis of Fizzy Drinks Without Sample Preparation on a Compact Mass Spectrometer

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Mass Spec: expression® CMS
Sampling: ASAP


Chemists are tasked with quickly identifying compounds created, ensuring quality of products, or evaluating safety. Current techniques are adequate, but not all offer the speed, data quality, or ease-of-use provided by the Advion expression® CMS. The CMS with the Advion ASAP offers chemists the ability to rapidly analyze solids, liquids and powders without tedious and time consuming sample preparation.


The extended glass capillary of the ASAP was dipped into each fizzy drink sample. The excess was wiped off and the probe was inserted directly into the ASAP-enabled APCI ion source of the CMS, producing results in seconds.

Figure 1: The ASAP containing the sample directly inserted into the ASAP-enabled APCI source of the CMS for analysis.

Figure 2: Schematic of the ASAP sampling probe for APCI-CMS analysis.



The ASAP/CMS analysis provided data in < 1 min with no sample preparation and no chromatography, making it ideal for reaction monitoring, compound identification, food safety, and analysis of natural products.