“LESA Points” Upgrade Now Available for Advion’s Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis (LESA) System

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ITHACA, NY, October 20 – Advion BioSystems, Inc., the developer and manufacturer of the TriVersa NanoMate®, the world’s first chip-based nanoelectrospray ion source for mass spectrometry, announces the unveiling of LESA Points software, a planned user enhancement to the system. LESA offers direct surface analysis without the need for sample preparation from TLC plates, tissue slices, MALDI plates, dried blood spots and any other planar surface with extractable analytes. Benefits of the system include more information from complex samples, time-savings, and increased sensitivity. LESA is a recent addition to the capability of Advion’s flexible TriVersa NanoMate platform, an automated ion source allowing researchers to load their samples and automatically deliver them to a mass spectrometer for analysis.

User benefits of the LESA Points product release include allowing the user to scan the sample and select specific surface assay point(s) of analysis on the computer screen. The sampling locations are built into a batch file for subsequent automatic analysis. LESA Points automates the complete operation, offering increased accuracy and resolution with greatly increased ease of use for simple, direct surface analysis.

The update is available now free-of-charge to existing customers, and will be bundled in all new purchases. Contact Advion’s service and support group for information about obtaining the update.

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