Release of Chip-Mate, a Chip-based nano-LC Ion Source for Mass Spectrometers

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December 9th, 2013 – Ithaca, NY – Advion, Inc., a leading instruments and consumables developer for the life sciences industry, announced today the release of the latest in chip-based technology, the Chip-Mate™. The Chip-Mate is an ESI Chip®-based nano-LC ion source for applications requiring small micron ID HPLC columns and nanoelectrospray ionization (nano-ESI). This latest product offering from Advion is a line extension of its well-established TriVersa NanoMate® technology.

While the TriVersa NanoMate has multiple modes of operation, the Chip-Mate is an easy-to use nano-LC ion source that focuses on stable and reliable nano-ESI through its ability to sense poor spray performance and engage the next nozzle. Ease-of-use and robustness of nano-ESI are important features for proteomics customers as well as applications in highly regulated environments such as biomarker/biosimilar and small molecule quantification utilizing nano-LC.

For use with the Chip-Mate, Advion has created a smaller footprint ESI Chip with 25 emitter nozzles and an integrated memory card. In combination with spray sensing and next nozzle capability, researchers can now have complete confidence for 24/7 nano-LC/MS/MS operation.

“Advion is known for its fit-for-purpose products and creating instrumentation that eases challenging workflows. This latest development offers the established benefits seen with chip-based nanoelectrospray in a package just for nano-LC users,” notes Simon Prosser, Vice President of Marketing. “We have long anticipated this product introduction, and given the advancements in nano-LC and proteomics, we believe this is the optimal time to offer this product to the market.”

Compatible with Thermo Fisher model mass spectrometers, including the LTQ, Orbitrap, Fusion, Exactive TSQ, etc., the Chip-Mate is now available for shipment with first units shipping this month to customers in Europe, the US and South America. Chip-Mate is available worldwide through a global network of distributors committed to innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

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