Webinar: Natural Products Purification – Improved Workflow with Mass Spec

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Lab Manager Tech Trends Webinar. Recorded August 11, 2021.

This webinar features the Interchim PuriFlash® flash purification and preparative HPLC system and demonstrates separation of natural products, purification of specific target molecules and the combination of mass spectrometry detection of the same both for product confirmation and mass directed fraction collection using an Advion expression® compact mass spectrometer.

As a viewer, you will learn more about:

  • Natural product separation and analyte isolation from tea and herbs/spices starting from TLC separation
  • Column selection criteria for flash chromatography and preparative reverse phase HPLC
  • Integrating mass spectrometry detection of analytes from TLC plates and collected fractions
  • Mass spectrometry directed fraction collection to simplify the entire workflow and automate purification processes