ASAP® Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

ASAP<sup>®</sup> Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

For Direct Mass Analysis of Liquid & Solid Samples with the expression® CMS

The direct atmospheric solids analysis probe, otherwise known as ASAP®, permits chemists fast and reliable sample analysis of liquid and solid samples such as reaction mixtures, food samples, natural products and tablets.

Chemists simply dip the closed end of a glass capillary into the sample of interest (even complex mixtures) or scrape the surface of a solid, and then place the capillary into the CMS for analysis.

Clean-up and analysis is a single step. Involatile buffers and salts remain on the capillary ensuring they do not suppress ionization or interfere with the measurement, while the compounds of interest are identified by the CMS.

In addition, users benefit from solvent-free APCI, which ionizes a wider range of compounds.