Success Story

Boston College, Center for Mass Spectrometry (CMS)

Q: What is the focus of your lab’s research?

A: The mass spectrometry facility here at Boston College’s main focus is as a core lab, open to all users, both undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Our main research interests include the application of mass spectrometry as a routine tool for chemistry/chemical biology; exploring new research applications for mass spectrometry; and the use of open-air ionization methods for the analysis of pharmaceutical, biological, drug and chemical analysis.

Q: What was your previous work flow or challenges?

A: As a core lab we have a large number of samples being run and there is a constant need to change ionization sources.

Q: Why did you incorporate the expression® CMS into your laboratory?

A: The expression® has allowed us to take the workload of the other more expensive instruments by incorporating it as an open access instrument. With minimal training, the students are able to run their own samples, as not to slow down their research.

Due to the instrument size and speed at which it pumps down, we are able to move the instrument directly to the classroom for students to use.

Marek A. Domin MSc, MRSC, CChem, CSci