Success Story

Montclair State University, Rotella Lab

Q: What is the focus of your lab’s research?

A: Medicinal chemistry research in my lab is a collaborative exercise where we engage other scientists with complementary interests. Currently, we are engaged in the discovery of protein kinase inhibitors for anti-infective and anti-inflammatory applications and in the discovery of new agents useful for the potential treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. We are working with others at MSU as well as scientists in other universities and research institutes.

Q: Why did you incorporate the expression CMS into your laboratory?

A: As a medicinal chemist working in the industry, I wanted to have access to the same technology for my group’s research at MSU. However, working in the industry I had experts to run samples. In my lab at MSU, it is essential to have the same technology available in an easy to use the instrument. Not only do the expression CMS specifications meet our needs perfectly, but also it runs without a hitch and it is easily serviceable by a non-expert.

Q: Who would you recommend to purchase the expression CMS?

A: I would recommend the expression CMS to any non-expert chemist or laboratory who needs access to this level of technology. The Advion service and support groups make it accessible.

David Rotella, PhD