Success Story

Northeastern State University, Natural Sciences Department

Q: What is the focus of your lab’s research?

A: Our laboratory is primarily a teaching laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students to gain exposure to current chemistry technology. Several techniques are practiced for medicinal chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry applications including TLC, reaction monitoring, and UV-vis.

Q: Why did you incorporate the expression cMs into your laboratory?

A: As a small university, we face unique challenges of limited resources in both space and funding. Mass spectrometers are a powerful detector, and it is important that our students gain exposure to this analytical technique; however, purchasing one was out of our reach. The expression CMS has allowed us to not only bring this commonly used technology to the hands of our students, but also has resulted in faster data. Our students no longer have to wait up to a month for results from an outsourced partner. They know right away whether what they set to accomplish was successful.

Q: Who Would you recoMMend to purchase the expression cMs?

A: I recommend the expression CMS to all teaching labs that wish to expose their students to this technology in a fast and easy-to-use platform.

Jessica Martin , PhD