An Easy-to-Machine Electrochemical Flow Microreactor: Efficient Synthesis of Isoindolinone and Flow Functionalization


Ana A. Folgueiras-Amador, Kai Philipps, Sébastien Guilbaud, Jarno Polacker, Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth

Flow electrochemistry is an efficient methodology to generate radical intermediates. An electrochemical flow microreactor has been designed and manufactured to improve the efficiency of electrochemical flow reactions. With this device only little or no supporting electrolytes are needed, making processes less costly and enabling easier purification. This is demonstrated by the facile synthesis of amidyl radicals used in intramolecular hydroaminations to produce isoindolinones. The combination with inline mass spectrometry facilitates a much easier combination of chemical steps in a single flow process.

The in-line MS analysis was carried out using Advion Expression® CMS (Atmospheric Pressure Ionisation Techniques (APCI)) and an MRA® valve.

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