Construction and adhesion performance of biomass tetrahydro-geraniol-based sustainable/transparent pressure sensitive adhesives


Seung-Suk Bae, Su-Hee Jang, Seok-Ho Hawn

Using the tetrahydro-geraniol acrylate (TGA) synthesized from biomass tetrahydro-geraniol, UV-cured transparent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) composed of semi-interpenetrating networks were successfully fabricated. The utility for optically clear adhesive on adhesion performances according to various concentrations of TGA in the acrylic PSAs were investigated. After characterizing the photo-polymerized PSA syrups, the optical properties for the acrylic PSA films were examined using UV–vis spectroscopy, a color-difference meter, and a haze meter. The acrylic PSAs exhibited high transparency and stable weather-ability under reliability testing (85/85 test). With increasing TGA concentration in the acrylic PSAs, adhesion properties such as the 180° peel strength, shear holding power, and probe tack had decreased.

The LC/MS analysis was carried out using Advion Expression® CMS.