Development of an Automated High-Throughput Platform for Shotgun Lipidomics


Xianlin Han, Kui Yang and Richard W. Gross

Lipidomics, defined as the large-scale study of the pathways and networks of cellular lipids in biological systems, is an emerging and rapidly expanding research field. Although lipidomics has only emerged as a distinct field within the past few years, numerous new discoveries and advances have already been made. Among them, multi- dimensional mass spectrometry (MS)-based shotgun lipidomics has distinguished itself as a robust and highly informative analytical platform for MS analyses of individual lipid molecular species directly from biological lipid extracts. The current platform for shotgun lipidomics includes a series of simple steps such as multiplexed extractions/reactions during sample preparation, intrasource separation/selective ionization, identification of individual lipid molecular species using building block-based multi-dimensional MS (MDMS), and quantitation of the identified individual lipid molecular species using a two-step ratiometric method.

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