Distinguishing Neurocysticercosis Epilepsy from Epilepsy of Unknown Etiology using a Minimal Serum Mass Profiling Platform


University of Oklahoma Health Science Center, Christian Medical College


Minimally invasive and low-cost aids for diagnosing neurocysticercosis epilepsy could improve treatment of neurocysticercosis.

The goal of this study was to test the extent to which patients with neurocysticercosis epilepsy, epilepsy of unknown etiology, idiopathic headaches and among different types of neurocysticercosis lesions could be distinguished from each other based on serum mass profiling.

The results from this study suggest neurocysticercosis epilepsy can be distinguished from epilepsy of unknown etiology based on biomolecular differences in sera detected by mass profiling.

Samples were analyzed by ESI source on the Advion expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) and the data analyze using the Advion Data Express software.