Integration of Ion Mobility MSE after Fully Automated, Online, High- Resolution Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis Micro-Liquid Chromatography featuring the Advion TriVersa NanoMate® LESA® Plus


Lieke Lamont, Mark Baumert, Nina Ogrinc Potočnik, Mark Allen, Rob Vreefken, Ron M. A. Heeren, and Tiffany Porta

Direct analysis by mass spectrometry (imaging) has become increasingly deployed in preclinical and clinical research due to its rapid and accurate readouts. However, when it comes to biomarker discovery or histopathological diagnostics, more sensitive and in-depth profi ling from localized areas is required. We developed a comprehensive, fully automated online platform for high-resolution liquid extraction surface analysis (HR-LESA) followed by micro−liquid chromatography (LC) separation and a data-independent acquisition strategy for untargeted and low abundant analyte identifi cation directly from tissue sections. Applied to tissue sections of rat pituitary, the platform demonstrated improved spatial resolution, allowing sample areas as small as 400 μ m to be studied, a major advantage over conventional LESA.

The LESA extraction was performed using the automated TriVersa NanoMate® The LESA extraction was controlled by a beta version of the LESA Plus software (Advion, UK)