Preparation of biomass-based transparent pressure sensitive adhesives for optically clear adhesive and their adhesion performance


Seung-Suk Baek, Seok-Ha Hwang

UV-cured transparent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) composed of semi-interpenetrating networks were prepared using the menthyl acrylate (MnA) and tetrahydro-geraniol acrylate (TGA) synthesized from menthol and tetrahydro geraniol, respectively. This study investigated the adhesion performance and environmental reliability of the resulting acrylic PSAs by changing the mole ratio for MnA and TGA while fixing the mole ratio for 2-hydroxyehtyl acrylate (2-HEA) in the PSAs. Also, the optical properties of the acrylic PSAs for optically clear adhesive applications were examined by UV–Vis spectroscopy, color-difference meter, and haze meter. All acrylic PSAs exhibited high transparency (>92%) and stable weatherability under reliability testing (85/85 test), regardless of the various comonomer compositions. The resulting acrylic PSAs showed proper adhesion performance to be allowed to use as optically clear adhesive; 180° peel strength of 1.6–4.0 kgf/25 mm, probe tack of 0.25–0.43 kgf, and shear holding power of 0.10–0.17 mm.

The MS analysis was carried out using Advion Expression® CMS.