Pushing the Frontiers of Accessible Chemical Space to Unleash Design Creativity and Accelerate Drug Discovery


Learn how SpiroChem AG (Switzerland) utilized the Advion expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) and Plate Express TLC Plate Reader for reaction monitoring and compound identification to aide in accelerating drug discovery.


In highly competitive research environments, the ability to access more complex structural spaces efficiently is a predictor of a company’s ability to generate novel IP-protected small molecule candidates with adequate properties, hence filling their development pipelines. SpiroChem is consistently developing new synthetic methodologies and strategies to access complex molecular structure, thereby facilitating and accelerating small molecule drug discovery. Pushing the limits of what are perceived as complex molecular structures allows SpiroChem and its clients to unleash creativity and explore meaningful chemical spaces, which are under-exploited sources of novel active molecules. In this article, we [SpiroChem] explain how we differentiated ourselves in a globalized R&D environment and we provide several snapshots of how efficient methodologies can generate complex structures, rapidly.