Rapid Screening of ‘White Powders’ for Unknown Agents Using a DART-Equipped Compact Mass Spectrometer

The expression® compact mass spectrometer (CMS) was developed based on decades of chemistry and mass spectrometry experience specifically to meet the needs of chemists. Many chemists are asked to perform their work in the field, and the CMS was built to be versatile. It is available with a TACOM-compliant Mobile Attenuation Mounting (MAM) system. This allows the CMS to be placed in a mobile laboratory environment and driven for the equivalent of the life of the vehicle while remaining fully functional to all specifications. Many global FDA agencies, state labs, Level 1 responders, and others wish to install CMS in a mobile laboratory setting taking the CMS to a field-based point-of-assay. In certain instances, large corporations wish to have the unit fully transportable within large plant settings. The MAM system is developed to international operating standards.

The flexibility of the CMS can be seen in a recent poster presentation given at this year’s ASMS meeting in Minneapolis. The poster is available for download.