Learn Mass Spectrometry – A Complimentary Online Course

Learn Mass Spectrometry – A Complimentary Online Course

Learn Mass Spectrometry: For a limited time, access our free curriculum from Dr. Jack Henion, global leader and educator for Mass Spectrometry and LC/MS

Take advantage of this educational opportunity to learn from the master, Dr. Henion, Cornell Emeritus Professor, who will guide you through basic principles to more advanced techniques. This lecture series offers a university-level course, only offered to Advion customers and university students — until now.

This lecture package includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
  • Flow Injection Analysis, ESI and APCI Ionization Techniques
  • Direct Analysis Probe for Liquids and Solids (ASAP)
  • Plate Express TLC Plate Reader
  • Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI)
  • LC/MS Techniques
  • Other CMS Applications & Techniques

This course is available for a limited time to aid in at-home learning initiatives and coursework. Professors who aim to teach, undergraduates who desire to further their education, or Ph.D.’s in need of a refresher, our team at Advion is offering this package at no-charge.

Advion’s curriculum package offers viewers a wide range of essentials for teaching and learning mass spectrometry for chemists.