Tools for the Cannabis Testing Lab

Tools for the Cannabis Testing Lab

In this webinar, Advion’s Scientific Founder, Jack Henion, Ph.D., will discuss his research using a direct analysis probe coupled with the expression CMS to analyze chemical compounds in Cannabis.

During this webinar you will learn more about:

  • A simple, sensitive and selective ASAP sample introduction approach to measure the presence and relative quantitative composition of two isobaric compounds, CBDA and THCA, contained in a complex sample such as hemp or cannabis plants or their corresponding extraction products.
  • Measurement of differences in the relative composition of CBDA and THCA fragment ions originating from the same precursor ion.
  • Applicability to screening plant and plant product materials such as hemp or marijuana to monitor out-of-specification composition.This webinar was featured by Lab Manager’s Tech Trends webinar series, “Tools for the Cannabis Testing Lab.”

This webinar was hosted by Lab Manager and recorded 4/11/19.